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When Do Babies First Roll Over

when do babies first roll over

when do babies first roll over - Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins - Original Sun Greatest Hits

Carl Perkins - Original Sun Greatest Hits

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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 11/25/1987

There's something about Carl Perkins's original version of "Blue Suede Shoes" that's wilder than Elvis's less popular, though today better known, cover of the song. It's not that Perkins is in your face; his version is remarkably restrained. But that restraint hides a real sense of hillbilly threat--Elvis is playing, but Carl sounds like he'd kick your teeth in. That vocal edge, along with his influential lead guitar, is what makes Perkins' sides such as "Honey Don't" and "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" the very definition of rockabilly's darker edge--all of which becomes perfectly clear when he finally cuts loose and gets "Dixie Fried." --David Cantwell

82% (11)

Curly Sue's Baby

Curly Sue's Baby

Well, every doe handles birth differently and Curly Sue was no exception! Curly Sue was one of my LaManchas that went "feral" for a time when we were evacuating during the Brush Creek forest fire last summer. She came back home, but she's never been tame, keeping her distance from me, but a strong, hardy doe. So anyway there I was feeding my little bottle baby Clara out in the pasture when I heard a goat bellowing at full volume! I went running to find out what the problem was and saw Sue with a wild look in her eyes, pawing the ground and a quick look told me she was in labor. Some does barely skip a beat having kids, but Sue was definitely going into high drama. It was raining, and I was concerned about her having the kid out in the open so finally managed to shoo her under a little shelter between her contractions. With each contraction, she was screaming bloody murder. I was alarmed, but nothing appeared to be amiss yet, and Sue was a first-timer. She finally lay down and commenced with the business at hand. Vic was sure that something was going wrong with all the theatrics and I was a little worried myself, then we began to see a little nose poking out, then a few more screams and shoves and out came the doeling. Sue lay for a second with rolling eyes, utterly exhausted then leaned over and licked the kid's face off. It gave a small squeak which got the attention of our big llama, Siam, who came flying down the hill to help out. He nosed carefully up to the baby and started humming and Sue finally got to her feet and cleaned the kid's head off then paused to eat the placenta. Within a few minutes with Siam's encouragement, she had the kid cleaned and she was up on her wobbly little legs going for her first meal.

OK, You'll have to pardon my enthusiasm...

OK, You'll have to pardon my enthusiasm...

While doing some research for a post I plan on making next week... I came across this CD on the internet of David Cassidy's "Rock Me Baby" Album... it just arrived in the mail today and I am very ecstatic about this.

This may not be for all. But this was the very first album to blow me away so many years ago... it was his best album and to this day remains one of my faves. From the first guitar riff of "Rock Me Baby" to the very last moments of "Song of Love".

I have been waiting for years for this to get transfered into the CD format. If I had to choose, let's say 5 album/CD's to take on a deserted island... you know the kind... like "Gilligan's Island"... where you have a professor who could find a way to play them...

... This would most definitely be one of them. Right up there with "Rumours" and "Thriller".

song list:
1. Rock Me Baby
2. Lonely Too Long
3. Two Time Loser
4. Warm My Soul
5. Some Kind of Summer
6. (Oh No) No Way
7. Song For A Rainy Day
8. Soft As A Summer Shower
9. Go Now
10. How Can I Be Sure
11. Song Of Love

A side note... I have always been horrible at knowing what people are singing in songs. For many years, when he sing's "Rock Me. Alright, now roll me"... I could have sworn he was singing "alright, now roll over"... that is no lie!!!

Up til a very few years ago... I thought the theme to the Brady Bunch said... they were "formed" ... rather than "four" men...

when do babies first roll over

when do babies first roll over

When the Nines Roll Over: And Other Stories

“Fully lives up to expectations . . . Story collections aren’t always high on readers’ to-do lists these days. This one should be.”—San Francisco Chronicle
In When the Nines Roll Over, David Benioff uses humor and rich characterizations to explore the sometimes thrilling, sometimes pathetic emotional lives of a diverse set of characters. Over the course of eight stories, we are introduced to a host of young people on the cusp of discovery and loss. As he evokes the various states of agony and pleasure—humiliation, rebellion, camaraderie, and desire—Benioff displays a profound understanding of the transformative power of a single moment and how sadness can be illuminated by a humorous flip side. When the Nines Roll Over confirms the promise of a gifted writer emerging as a storytelling force.
“An ace storyteller . . . ‘The Devil Comes to Orekhovo’ . . . may be the best Hemingway story Hemingway never wrote.”—Entertainment Weekly

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